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Are you ready to feel your best?

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Work With Me

As your Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I listen carefully and empower you to explore and figure out what truly works for you. I ask powerful questions that enable you to analyze your lifestyle choices and uncover the root causes of your issues. I help you raise your self-awareness and guide you through healthier choices. 

We work together through one-on-one, 1-hour sessions. During these sessions, I help you create healthy habits that reduce your chronic stress and inflammation while guiding you through optimal health using nutritious and delicious foods. 

Are you ready to transform your life a spoonful at a time?

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Asking Powerful Questions

I ask guided, open-ended questions that help you make connections and see different perspectives. I empower you to be an expert on yourself, which opens the door to ongoing sustainable growth. 

By acknowledging that you are the expert on yourself, I recognize that you have all that you need to create your dream life. For you to do so, I provide ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your health and happiness.

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Uncovering the Root Cause

I empower you to uncover deep issues and recognize that your body is communicating with you through symptoms.
As you tune into your body and identify patterns of behavior, feelings, or symptoms, you gain insight into the root cause of the problem. Your self-awareness increases and connects you to the larger “why”.
Creating awareness is the first step in addressing your challenges and experiencing a lifetime transformation.

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Emphasizing a Holistic Approach

Optimal health and wellness are achieved when we address our body as a whole. When an area is out of alignment, it creates an imbalance in your life and detrimentally impacts your health.

Picture yourself at work, constantly under stress. As your chronic stress never decreases, it prevents you from enjoying a restorative good night’s sleep. You try to be efficient at work but you are exhausted and drained. Your work gives you anxiety and doesn't provide any joy. You dread that important meeting and you run to the vending machine to get yourself a sugary treat to comfort you. At the end of the day, you decide to skip your exercise routine. You are tired, your energy is low and your patience is gone. You arrive home and snap at your significant other or your kids. You go to bed hoping to fall asleep quickly, but your mind is racing, and once again you experience insomnia. Additionally, chronic stress provokes inflammation in your body, you gain weight and experience such diseases as arthritis.

This simple scenario demonstrates how all areas of your life are impacted negatively when one area is out of balance. Through an integrative approach, I guide you to adopt small sustainable behavior changes that support better health, and I give you the tools to begin your journey to a new you.

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Taking Steady Steps Toward Your Goals

It is never too late to start taking control of your life. Every single one of your actions, even small ones, make a difference and bring you closer to where you want to be.

With motivation and empowerment, you will be one step away from reaching your goals and living a healthier, happier life.

Are you ready to start creating the life you are meant to live?

Work With Me: Services


  • Explore your relationship with stress and identify its cause(s);

  • Learn tools and techniques to manage stress and time efficiently;

  • Gain awareness of the imbalances in your life;

  • Decrease your physical symptoms by identifying which foods make you feel amazing and those that exacerbate your symptoms;

  • Uncover your body’s unique needs and create healthy lifestyle habits;

  • Take small yet meaningful steps toward your health goals that empower you to achieve and maintain optimal health.



  • We meet virtually for 1-hour individual sessions for the duration of the program (12 weeks);

  • You get email support between sessions;

  • You receive simple, healthy, and delicious recipes;

  • You get handouts so you can review and/or further educate yourself on topics related specifically to your needs and goals;

  • And to encourage you for your hard work, you receive gifts!

Work With Me: Resources

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