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Health Coaching with
Sustainable Benefits

You don't have time to read all day. And you certainly don't have time to waste on health programs that don't work! I'll cut to the chase.

My Approach: About
Image by Sharon McCutcheon

What Do You Get From My Coaching?

Great question! Ultimately, in my 3-step program, I’ll guide you in:

  • Intentional Nutrition: Making small but meaningful lifestyle changes and determining smart nutrition choices based on your individual body’s needs and preferences. 

  • Stress Management: Gaining awareness of your stressors and addressing limiting beliefs, even when it seems impossible. 

  • Streamlining Your Life: Finding the right tools and techniques to optimize your time, take control of your life, and focus on the things you love.

Through my 12-week program (one-hour weekly sessions), you'll gain awareness of how foods and stress affect your body. And you'll be empowered to make changes, little by little, based on your goals– changes that lead to sustainable health and wellness.

And if you can't meet in person, no problem. I offer both in-person and online sessions!  

My Approach: About
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