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Are you ready to feel your best?

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Welcome to

A Spoonful at a Time with Audrey!

I am so grateful you are here!

As a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I help women take control of their lives and create healthy habits to achieve career and personal success. We all know that work/life balance is key, but it is often easier said than done! So, where do you start when you feel like a hamster in a wheel and cannot stop the motion? 

We work together to improve your health as a whole in an integrative way, connecting health and wellness. With my guidance and support, you reach optimal health through smart nutritional choices and healthy lifestyle habits that work for your own body. By gaining awareness and taking small but steady actions towards your goal, you feel empowered. Soon enough, you have created new habits, and you can finally enjoy your life journey.

Since what you eat plays an essential role in soothing or exacerbating your symptoms, I empower you to experiment with food to figure out the best foods for your unique body. The foods that aggravate your symptoms are often those you wouldn’t think of because you have had them for years without knowing they were the reasons for how you feel. By gaining this knowledge, you become empowered to make nutritional choices based on your unique body and needs. As a result, you reduce your symptoms and feel your best! Consequently, it also helps you reduce your risks of heart disease and obesity. It’s a win-win, right!

Do you experience some of these symptoms?

  • Do you have joint pain? 

  • Do you experience headaches? 

  • Do you feel constantly exhausted?

  • Do you suffer from digestive or skin issues? 

  • Do you have an overall sense of not feeling your best? 

  • Do you wish to lose weight, but it doesn’t seem to work no matter what you do?

  • Do you have cravings? 

  • Do you have a hard time avoiding junk food when you feel stressed?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, inflammation and chronic stress might cause your symptoms, and I can help! By the way, if you wonder what the heck is inflammation, you’re not alone! Before starting my training, I had no idea that there was such a thing as inflammation, and I was even more clueless about the fact that food could cause it. So that’s why I want to empower you to figure out which foods are causing your symptoms.

With support and direction, you realize it can be fun to create healthy habits based on your unique needs and body. As a result, you regain your health and feel better. Additionally, by learning how to manage your stress and your time successfully, you feel more peace and achieve your goals more quickly.

Are you ready to start your journey A Spoonful at a Time?

Schedule your FREE Health Consultation today!

I look forward to empowering you in your lifetime transformation!

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