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My Story

How it all began...

Let me tell you how I started this incredible journey as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

Spoiler alert: It started with a sad story, but it continues as an incredible self-discovery journey filled with passion, health, and purpose.

It all started when my dad passed a few years ago from cancer on Christmas Eve. It was yet another reminder that life was short and precious and that it was essential to enjoy every moment while we still had the opportunity. It also made me wonder how his cancer had been unnoticed for so long and how it progressed to the point that it was already too late to take meaningful action by the time we learned about it. I wondered whether his diet or lifestyle habits played a role in his disease. Soon after, I researched nutrition schools to educate myself on the subject. It became a life-changing experience! I found my passion!

As I studied to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I started reevaluating my life and how I was living it. As a working mom, I had put everyone’s needs before mine, thinking that it was the price to pay for a successful career and a happy family life. However, I realized that in the past few years, chronic stress had eaten me alive. It had manifested through such symptoms as cravings for sweets and muscle pain. My biggest medical issue was migraine headaches. The worst, though, was feeling like a hamster in a wheel, not knowing how to get off that wheel. I felt powerless and wondered how to break the cycle to return to a healthy state. Unfortunately, my stress level was so high that exhaustion was a daily reality. I was physically drained, couldn't fall asleep, and had insomnia. When I did manage to fall asleep, I would wake up a few hours later, consumed with the worries of daily life.  

I started paying attention to the signals sent by my body. I realized that the symptoms I was experiencing, from migraine headaches to muscle aches, were caused by the inflammation taking over my body (due to chronic stress and the food I was eating). I have to admit that before my training, I had no idea that there was such a thing as inflammation, and I was even more clueless about the fact that food could cause it.

This was when I realized that I needed to make changes in my life. I needed to heal myself from this chronic stress that I knew was negatively impacting my health. It was the beginning of my awakening: the shift that needed to happen inward to make changes in my outer world. I decided to walk the talk and made drastic lifestyle and diet changes. I tackled each area of my life one by one. First, I made it a priority to manage my stress. Then, I suspected that certain foods I was eating were provoking chronic inflammation and aggravated my symptoms. By experimenting with food, I learned which foods were soothing and which had to be reduced or eliminated from my diet (gluten was a big one). It was an incredible process of self-discovery that changed my life! 

I am happy to share that I left my stressful job, moved, added self-care, and incorporated exercise and added mindfulness techniques into my routine. I now sleep better, and my muscle pain has nearly disappeared. I don’t crave sweets. My migraines are far less frequent, and I feel more energetic. The best part is that I feel my best physically and mentally.

When I realized that I had made it off the “hamster wheel,” I vowed to empower women to take control of their lives.

I am passionate about guiding women in their self-reflection journey and helping them discover and address the root cause of their issues. By doing so, they live happier and healthier lives and enjoy their life’s journey.

Are you ready to take control of your life and transform it, a spoonful at a time?

My Story: About Me

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